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Keeping your websites and emails, free from viruses, malware and other exploits is essential for your business. Always keep your anti-virus software and third party add-ons up to date. Always be careful about what you download, but you can never be sure of what you receive through email. That's where our scanning software excels, by intercepting threats at server level, ensuring your website stays online, your reputation remains untarnished, and your time is saved with our comprehensive email virus scanning service.

Protecting your home or business computer from viruses is critically important - nine out of ten viruses are spread by email. Many of these viruses can devastate entire networks and steal or destroy your sensitive data. The cost of repairing this damage can be very high and in some cases data is permanently lost.

Operating a virus scanning system on your own computer is of course an important way of stopping a virus. However, it's also important to remember that these systems only stop viruses once they are present on your system and sometimes this is too late. Our virus scanning system stops viruses at the server so the virus never goes onto your computer and you never have to deal with the issues yourself.

Our software automatically updates every few hours so that it always knows about the latest viruses on the Internet. Each virus scanner you buy will fully protect one specified domain, no matter what email facilities you activate. Don't wait until it's too late - activate email virus scanning on your domains now!