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Free Social Media Dashboard
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Why Outsource Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Let us manage your Social Media campaignsToday's social media networks are fast paced and demand a lot of time and effort fine-tuning the details in order to get the perfect social media marketing campaign. Then you must consider the impact each social media account has on Google, how keyword density your social media marketing campaigns should employ, how to maximise the full potential of "hash tags" etc. also have to post 3-4 times per day, to be seen as "socially active" and benefit from your efforts.

Ideally, you should aim to create and upload at least a few images per week, for Twitter & Facebook. Images make a text heavy Facebook page look fantastic.

The best way to benefit from your social media marketing campaign is if you outsource the bulk of posting content, to us. We know the exact formula required to create a social media marketing campaign that provides an interesting and authoritative set of posts. Your clients or customers will relate to the content and we'll also push Google's social buttons too. We have a team of social media marketing managers that can post on your behalf, all day, every day. Your posts will be keyword rich and nicely spaced out during the day. With a seven day schedule, you can review every post via our simple to use control panel.


Why you should use our Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn content writting service

We are experts at social media marketing, and well rehearsed in current trends and technology. We fully understand hashtags, memes, mash-ups and microblogging - so you don't have to. Your social media marketing feed takes a lot of dedication, if it's to be successful. Posting 3-4 times per day, or even more if you use both Facebook and Twitter, can be a burden. Building your social channels takes time, patience and a lot of effort.

Wouldn't your efforts be better directed at building your business, while we focus on posting social content. We'll keep posting, even when you are on holiday, off sick or when you've been called out to an urgent meeting that runs on all day. It's not easy to post four or five times each day, with well thought out content. But it's what we do.

We schedule everything into your control panel, at least a week ahead, allowing you to review and edit our content, add your own posts and monitor your campaign statistics. Don't want to get involved? Don't worry, you don't have to use it if you don't want to.

We'll make sure your social media marketing channels are buzzing with activity, that's positive for your business, all week, every week. We'll try to keep it fun (if appropriate) while informing people about your business, products and promoting your brand. We'll also research and post/tweet facts, tips and trivia about your industry. Our profiling of your business ensures that the information we use is the perfect mix to promote you on all your chosen social media.

If you have opted for image posting/tweeting, we'll also create unique images a few times per week and schedule them to go out via your control panel. This keeps your pages looking good and adds a layer of potential viral marketing into the mix. If you haven't got enough images yourself, we'll supply royalty free stock photos that complement your business, all of which you can review via the social media scheduler.

We encourage all our clients to post as often as they like, with the things that we can't. What new contracts have you taken on today? Does a sale start tonight? Simply log in and schedule the items in your control panel, then monitor the results of your campaign via the full suite of graphs, charts and statistics that allow you to see the benefits of your social media marketing campaign.